Your home network is likely some modem that connects to your service provider ( likely Comcast or ATT ). Most folks prefer to setup a wireless network to share this network connection with the computers in their home. Often Internet Service Providers (ISP's) provide both a modem and a router - but the routers packaged with most of these services are generally pretty poor quality. Even if you have the fastest internet connection in the world, a bad router can prevent you from taking advantage of it.

Many people purchase wireless routers for their homes or offices, and for the most part, most of these routers come with some built-in web interface to configure them. For the most part, these routers tend to break, crash, or cause other issues.

In general, the weak point of home and office networks is their wifi router. Many of them crash. Some of them more frequently than others. They often get confused when one computer takes too much bandwidth. Many routers are also a weak point in your home or office's network security. Finding the right router can be tough. We've used Apples' routers with some success, and we love Ubiquity routers. It looks like google may have released a product to force other router manufacturers to step up their game. Its about time! This looks like its finally a well designed, scalable, mesh-capable wireless router.

Google has always made it clear that one of their core goals is to make the internet better. They have funded projects to get free internet to people via a network of high altitude balloon relays, they've created a city-wide free wifi for their home town in Montain View. Their business benefits from it being easier for people to connect to the internet. It looks like they are living up to their name with this device.

For your old router, the setup process usually involved visiting a pretty clunky looking website, following the on-screen instructions, and waiting for several minutes for the router to reboot if you changed any settings.

The OnHub router is configurable through a mobile app that runs on iOS or Android.
Since the router is designed to allow configuration changes without a reboot, you can change settings much more easily through the mobile app - and the idea is that this is also more secure. The app also provides the ability to perform speed tests / reports on what websites are slower than others - a move that will help to provide transparency and encourage "Net Neutrality". It looks like the long-term goals for this product are to provide some kind of a play-store like interface for all of your home automation devices. It will support "Google Weave", the company's internet of things platform.

The question is: how much do you trust that your data will be kept secure by google, and how much do you trust that Google will not use all of this information to inform advertisers of even more details of how you live your life. Of course its easy enough to tell where information is going if you decide to do a quick audit of your network ( which is something we can help you with). To have the highest level of trust / security, we would like to see an open-source contender to the OnHu. In any case It looks like a very powerful and convenient device, and a step forward for making homes smarter. The pre-order of the product sold out very quickly.

You can visit the official site to attempt to order. It was . It was sold out last time we checked.