Identifying your target audience:

All marketing strategies rely heavily on identifying your target customers in as much depth as possible. This is important in building a strategy for success based on real, measurable results. As your business evolves, both online and offline customers will provide metrics you can use to adjust your web presence, marketing strategies, and product design to maximize the impact and usability of your offerings.

Before you start filling out the form below, make a list of the categories your target customers will fall under. Use the questions in the form below as a guide to produce this list. As you fill the form out, please take some time to consider in detail what your value propositions are to these customers. Its often helpful to make up a person, give them a name or a "persona" - and think about what that person would want. Role playing is often used to help further explore the needs of each specific persona.

Complete the form below for each target customer category. You should have at least 6 target groups in order to make the most effective use of this exercise. Why so many times? This will help to clarify your marketing direction. Trust us! This exercise may seem tedious but it is imperative to understand all of your target customers and what are the most important actions needed in order to engage with analytic software for measurable and quantifiable success.