If you have a project in it's early stages and you're pushing hard to meet your deadlines, it is common to push hard on getting the your project live at the expense of code quality and maintainability. We recognize that it is an important part of every development cycle to get something released so you can start seeing profits from your efforts, as well as gain early feedback from real users. Its a good thing in general, but it also has problems for long-term scalability and maintainability of your app. A refactor step is always a good idea after any aggressive sprint or product release.

What differentiates a professional chef from an ammeter chef is that they are able to clean up after each step of their process as they go. This frees up their cooking gear to be used by their other staff and prevents blocks in their workflow. This is also important if not critical in the success of a mechanic. You have to know where your tools are. More often than not, code is developed without much thought or budget for the refactoring step. This is a mistake that can cost the long-term success of a business.

We can help! We offer essentially an outsourced refactor step to your team, so you can continue to focus on building new features without worrying about building up an overhead of what is called "technical debt" - the increased cost in time and money of adding new features without performing some form of refactor step to clean up and optimize code for future use.

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We offer up to 30 minutes free consultation to establish how your project is doing in terms of technical debt, and provide some suggestions on what you can do to improve!