Selected Work

Billing Reporting for OAO

We built a basic billing / reporting solution for OAO . They had a high volume of data they needed to process each month. It was a very meticulous process that required a high level of precision. We got a few examples of some of the kinds of reports they were working on and developed a web based application to simplify these tedious tasks. We took their excel based process and made a web based dashboard that freed up more than 2-3 days per month of time for management to focus on what they do best!

Leisure Logistics

Leisure Logistics had a need for some major tech improvements. They had a platform developed in Java / Grails over the course of several years and were in a transitionary period. Their tech staff had parted ways and they required support for their app. We stepped in and provided support for feature requests as well as some improvements on performance. As we worked on the app, we go through a cycle of build / refactor to steadily improve code quality and readability.

5 Yina

Luxury skincare brand "5 Yina" needed a site developed as a pre-launch platform to promote their upcoming launch and provide early-adopters with exclusive offers and invites. We continue to work together with them to provide more details about some of these offers. We took an image of a Peony and separated out the foreground elements from the background to provide a parallax / 3d effect with multiple layers. We also load a different image depending on your browser size - so that the large image is not loaded on mobile devices. The photo was taken by 5 Yina and modified by us. They chose the peony flower because it is both beautiful, and it has many uses as an herb in Chinese Medicine, one of the core values of 5 Yina.


We built a solution that bridged all of the sparse databases into one central database and built a web-based app for staff to assist them with managing assets related to the specific task the division was working on at the time.

Glucoalgo (android app)

We helped founder John Thorn develop an android app to monitor sensor data from several bluetooth sensors and built a django web-application to monitor graphs of data over time.

Key Security Designs Corp

We built a new website for Key Security Designs Corp., to help them build their online presence and brand.

JMP Productions

This was an involved project which took several months. We built the site for JMP Productions from the ground-up using mobile-first design principles. We had a tremendous volume of graphical assets to work with and had to build backgrounds that worked together with the copy. We also had to phrase the copy in such a way that it fit together with the image we were going for. This was an iterative process over the course of several months.

Zelda Symphony

We built a texture and several design options for JMP Productions' Zelda Symphony. The general goal was to keep the feel of the Zelda videogames on the website. Several of the options we presented included some more dynamic features.